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Do you have a horse with insect bite hypersensitivity, contact dermatitis, or respiratory allergies? Learn how to make him more comfortable. Sponsored by KineticVet.

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Look for equine allergy content all month on, our Facebook page and Twitter feed, and in our e-newsletters. | Photo: The Horse/Stephanie L. Church

For many, spring means longer days and warmer temperatures to enjoy with their horse. But for owners of horses with allergies, spring also means the return of biting insects and pollen, which in turn means itchy and coughing horses.

Allergies happen when the body responds abnormally to foreign substances, such as insect saliva, pollen, dander, and molds. In horses, allergies can manifest as insect bite hypersensitivity, contact dermatitis, and asthma, with clinical signs such as hives, pruritus (itchiness), hair loss, nasal discharge, and respiratory distress. Diagnosing and managing allergic horses can be challenging and requires a whole-animal approach. Veterinary care, medication, nutrition, supplementation, physical barriers (such as fly sheets), and environment/housing all play a role in keeping allergic horses comfortable, especially during the spring and summer months.

April is Equine Allergy Awareness Month on The Horse, where we’ve partnered with KineticVet to help educate owners about equine allergies. Look for equine allergy-related content all month on, our Facebook page and Twitter feed, and in our e-newsletters.


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