Trying to stay warm between winter rides, barn chores, and feedings? Curl up with The Horse’s 10 most downloaded free reports of 2016.

Equine Body Condition Score Poster 
This free poster is based on the Henneke Body Condition scale, which is used to determine the overall health of horses. It contains descriptions and illustrations of body condition scores for horses on a scale of 1-9, ranging from poor/emaciated to extremely fat/obese. It takes into consideration the look and feel of ribs, withers, shoulders, tail head, back, and neck.

12 Facts About Bisphosphonate Use in Horses
Not too long ago, a “navicular syndrome” diagnosis left owners with few options for their horses. Corrective shoeing might help, and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories could possibly reduce the horse’s pain (but not without side effects, such as gastric ulcers). However, advances in MRI for assessing foot lameness have given veterinarians a better understanding of the podotrochlear apparatus, which includes the navicular bone and its supporting structures. That diagnostic tool, along with the U.S. Federal Drug Administration’s approval of certain bisphosphonate drugs for treating navicular syndrome has offered hope for those managing horses with this condition.

Horse Identification
An essential identi