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Lucile Vigouroux


Lucile Vigouroux holds a master’s degree in Equine Performance, Health, and Welfare from Nottingham Trent University (UK) and an equine veterinary assistant certification from AAEVT. She is a New-York-based freelance author with a passion for equine health and veterinary care. A Magnawave-certified practitioner, Lucile also runs a small equine PEMF therapy business. Her lifelong love of horses motivated her to adopt her college care horse, Claire, upon graduation.

Articles by Lucile Vigouroux

A Fresh Look at the Causes of Navicular Disease

Getting to the root of podotrochlosis, one of the most common causes of lameness, is an ongoing process. Learn about risk factors for the disease and how veterinarians diagnose it.

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Before Your Mare Foals

The final 100 days of gestation bring their own unique developments, changes, and challenges. Get tips to help your mare’s third trimester run smoothly.

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