Horse Sense (and Sensibility)


Life Is Short: Just Get the Horse

There’s a meme making its way around social mediaÑgalloping, if you willÑthat features a blackboard-looking image that says, basically, “Today’s Lesson: Life is Short É Buy the

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You Never Can Tell With Bees

One of my more exciting memories from riding camp as a kid involved a trail ride on my 20-year-old grade pony, Pacer. I was one

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Sometimes You Simply Don’t Know

This spring I began teaching intermediate-level lessons to a rider who pilots an enormous dark bay draft horse. When I met this gelding, his rider

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Slobbering in Horses

Last week I was out at a local barn and a towering draft cross gelding opened his mouth, releasing an equally imposing waterfall of lukewarm slobber into

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California Chrome’s ÔChrome’

Chrome. It’s something we hear frequently mentioned in horse circles but not so much elsewhereÑunless we’re talking about the Google Web browser, motorcycles, or maybe

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Primed for Battle?

There’s something a bit mystical about vaccination. We inject an antigenic material from a tiny plastic cylinder into our horses’ necks and it triggers reactions

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