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Horses Grazing in Pasture

Fixing an Overgrazed Horse Pasture

Without a doubt, horses are hard on pastures. Equine forage researcher Krishona Martinson, PhD, MS, of the University of Minnesota, offers tips on helping an overgrazed pasture recover.

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Trailer Safety Checklist

Print out this handy trailer safety checklist, and keep it in your trailer, tack box, or towing vehicle as a reference for safe horse hauling.

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The Lesson Horse Lifestyle

A good lesson horse is a valuable member of any riding program. Our sources share tips on keeping these trusty steeds happy and healthy.

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cooling your horse out on cold days

Cooling Your Horse Out on Cold Days

Helping your horse with his post-exercise cooling process can impact how well he recovers. But cold weather cooling requires also guarding against a chilled horse.

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