Respiratory System

Horse Winter Coats; Winterizing Horses

Winterizing Horses

Take a few simple precautions and management approaches to help your horse weather winter safely.

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Researchers Evaluate Head Control Equipment Use in Horses

The Equine Respiratory System

The equine respiratory tract is so highly specialized for exercise that even the slightest deviation from normal can limit a horse’s athletic career.

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Equine Epistaxis: What You Need to Know

EIPH: Why Do Horses Bleed?

Exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage is a condition in which horses experience lung bleeding during exercise. Veterinarians and researchers continue to investigate the condition.

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Methodologies for Assessing Horses' Quality of Life Needed
AAEP 2023 PR photo
ehv-1 in pennsylvania; ehv-1, ehm; ehv-1 in ohio horses
horses in snow-covered pasture

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