Poll Recap: Horse Housing

Bringing Your Horse Home

Before you bring a horse home, there’s a host of things to prepare and much to consider. Our sources share their recommendations for owners making the transition to at-home horse care.

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Building a Vet-Approved Horse Barn

Building a Vet-Approved Horse Barn

Attention to small design details can make barns safer and more comfortable for you and your horse, along with improving chore efficiency. Download this free report for tips on constructing or retrofitting your barn to optimize horse health and reduce accidents and injury.

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How to Introduce Horses

How to Introduce Horses

An equine behavior expert and veterinarian shares recommendations for introducing horses that will live together.

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horse behavior

Is It My Horse, or Is It Me?

We might be quick to blame a horse for misbehaving, but a closer look at equine behavior might reveal we’re the problem. Here’s what to consider.

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How do you prevent gastric ulcers in horses? Please check all that apply.
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