Communication With Your Horse

Poll Recap: Horse Water Options

Water Bucket Blues

Why do horses tip water buckets, defecate in waterers, and/or dip hay in their water?

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Rolling in Dirt

Almost every time we let our horses out of the stalls after feeding them, they roll. Why?

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Equine Oral Health Exams

Until recently, owners and vets considered equine dental floating the most important aspect of dental care.

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Hand-Feeding Treats

Hand-feeding treats creates the nuisance of horses and ponies constantly nudging and nipping at people.

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First Steps for Foal Handling

Discussion of the many ways to teach young horses/foals to submit to humans; from imprinting to halter training, tying, grooming, and much more.

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Human Injuries Related to Horses Analyzed

The American Horse Council’s 2005 report “The Economic Impact of the Horse Industry on the United States” documents that more than 2 million horse owners are involved in a variety of activities. Millions more people ride horses every year or handle

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Healthy Horses Workshop: The Language of Gold

During the annual convention of the American Association of Equine Practitioners, one day is set aside for horse owners in the area to listen to experts in the field lecture and demonstrate on specific aspects involved in the overall wellness,

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Equestrian Longevity (Book Excerpt)

Regardless of your age, it’s never too late to start making changes that will impact your life in positive ways. It is never too late to take the first step toward a future filled with horses, happiness, and good health.

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Training Your Horse for Procedures–And Everything Else

“It is our responsibility to have the horse so well trained that we can do whatever we need to do without a problem,” he stated. “Our horse does not have the right to hurt anyone. It’s not because the vet smells funny that a horse hurts him

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Understanding Horses Part 4: An Epic Day

People are shocked that I give my horses treats. I tell them there’s a big difference in giving your horse treats, and him demanding treats. My horses don’t demand treats. I don’t show them treats before I catch them. Consider my horse Epic. I give

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