Bone & Joint Problems

hind limb lameness in horses; Researchers Study Method to Detect Equine Arthritis Early

Bone Spur Prognosis

Our gelding’s broken hock has healed with what the veterinarian calls bone spurs. He believes the spurs could be rubbing against our gelding’s tendon, causing pain. What is the long-term prognosis for injuries such as these?

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Poll Recap: Older Horse Care Concerns

Easing an Old Horse’s Stiffness

Get advice about keeping senior horses’ joints comfortable from Dr. Bryan Waldridge, who treats retired champion racehorses at Old Friends, in Georgetown, Kentucky.

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The Lesson Horse Lifestyle

A good lesson horse is a valuable member of any riding program. Our sources share tips on keeping these trusty steeds happy and healthy.

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Bisphosphonates: Why the Drama?

Research suggests that bisphosphonates can effectively help control clinical signs associated with navicular syndrome in horses, but there’s less research on off-label use. Here’s what to know.

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