Bone & Joint Problems

long pastern bone damage in sport horses

Long Pastern Bone Damage in Sport Horses

MRI is allowing vets to identify lameness conditions that were harder to evaluate in the past. One such ailment, most frequently found in sport horses, is osseous trauma of the long pastern bone’s sagittal groove. Here’s what they’ve learned so far about this condition.

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stem cell injection site reactions in horses

Stem Cell Injection Site Reactions in Horses

Horses are at risk of adverse effects anytime they receive injections. However, researchers recently determined that stem cell injection site reactions in horses were uncommon in the population they studied.

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OCD Factsheet

Fact Sheet: OCD in Horses

Do all young horses with fluid-filled joints or lameness have osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)? Download this fact sheet to find out.

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