Muscle and Joint Problems

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Exercise Therapy for Horses

Controlled exercise, as discussed with your veterinarian, can be part of a successful rehabilitation program.

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Brushing Up on Tying Up in Horses

Researchers are redefining the muscular diseases long called “tying-up.” While they seem similar, the causes are different, and each requires specific management.

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New Research Sheds Light on Tendon Injuries in Old Horses

Senior Horses: Handle With Care

Osteoarthritis can be an insidious process and a common consequence of aging. Learn how horses’ joints inevitably wear with age and how to keep them comfortable.

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Jacobs to Discuss Synovial Joints During Free Lecture

Treating Equine Lameness With Biologics

Regenerative medicine is giving us new options for treating horses with joint disease and other injuries. Learn more and get your questions answered during the live recording of our podcast. Sponsored by Zoetis.

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Soft Tissue Injuries of the Western Performance Horse's Foot

Equine Joint Health for the Long Run

Osteoarthritis may not be completely avoidable as a horse ages, but early diagnosis and conscientious care can slow its advance and minimize pain. Learn how to take charge of your horse’s joint health from the very first step.

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Movement Asymmetry in Working Polo Ponies Evaluated

Understanding the Equine Muscular System

The horse’s body possesses approximately 700 muscles that control movement. By understanding how horses’ muscles contract to produce movement, you can formulate training and rehab strategies.

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Fact Sheet: Supporting Equine Joint Health

Osteoarthritis is one of the most common equine joint disorders, affecting an estimated one in five horses. Learn about specific strategies for supporting joint health in this free fact sheet. Sponsored by Hyaluronex Joint.

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