10 Lower-Limb Lameness Resources on TheHorse.com

The editors of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care have scoured our archives and gathered our top lower limb lameness content. Sponsored by Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging.
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10 Lower-Limb Lameness Resources on TheHorse.com
Lower limb lamenesses are a common reason horse owners seek the care of veterinarians for their horses. | Anne M. Eberhardt/The Horse Staff
Causes of lower limb lamenesses can range from hoof abscesses, which usually heal quickly with care, to severe ligament tears or tendon injuries that can take months to rehab, and sometimes never fully resolve. Are you not sure what’s wrong with your horse? To help you better understand the cause of your horse’s discomfort, the editors of The Horse: Your Guide To Equine Health Care have scoured our archives and gathered our top lower limb lameness content.

ARTICLE: The Journey Back: Three Horses Go From Rehab to Recovery

Read about three real-life examples of equine athletes that made full recoveries from their injuries, including their diagnostic challenges, rehab modalities, and recovery details. READ MORE

ARTICLE: Podotrochlosis 101

Though it goes by several names, the condition is common among horses and frustrating for owners, farriers, and veterinarians alike. READ NOW

ARTICLE:  The Road to Recovery: Rehabilitating Horses With Lower-Limb Injuries

Veterinarians share their advice for preventing lower-limb problems and rehabilitating injured horses, from therapies to back-to-work schedules. READ NOW

INFOGRAPHIC:  CT vs. MRI for Lameness: What’s the Difference?

Computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are two diagnostic imaging methods veterinarians can use to capture images of structures within your horse’s body. Learn more in this visual guide! Sponsored by Hallmarq Advanced Veterinary Imaging. VIEW NOW

ARTICLE: 10 Early Warning Signs of Laminitis

Your horse’s best chance of overcoming this hoof disease might lie in your ability to catch it early. READ MORE

ARTICLE: Lameness Head to Foot, Part 1: Lower Limbs

Learn how veterinarians get to the bottom of lower-limb problems in the first of this two-part series. READ NOW

ARTICLE: Hoof-Care Triage

Punctures, abscesses, and worse: What to do when your horse’s hoof is hurting and whom to call for help. READ MORE

ARTICLE: DDFT Injury, MRI, and Medical Treatments

An accurate diagnosis with MRI can play a significant role in a horse’s long-term return to activity after DDFT injury. READ NOW

ARTICLE: Hoof Abscesses in Horses

This common problem can cause sudden, severe lameness but often resolves quickly with the proper treatment. READ NOW

SPONSORED CONTENT: Equine Standing Limb CT: Is This The New Normal?

Hallmarq Veterinary Imaging is world renown for development of the standing equine MRI system and havsrecently launched its standing equine leg CT (slCT). READ NOW


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