More than 520 readers of responded to a poll asking, "What did you deworm your horse with this spring?"

results of poll on deworming horses

Results were as follows:

  • Zimectrin Gold: 33.33%
  • Other: 28.95%
  • Quest or Quest Plus: 19.81%
  • Panacur POWERPAC: 9.52%
  • Strongid: 8.38%

Readers shared their choice for dewormers in the comments below.

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  • ivermectin
  • ivermectin
  • not needed fecal count was good
  • Zimecterin
  • Generic ivermectrin
  • equimax
  • Had my horse’s manure tested and deworming was not needed.
  • Panomec
  • Equimax
  • one horse had a 0 egg count on fecal so didnot get dewormed
  • equimax plus
  • ivermectin<