If you want a great story in a concise form, there’s no beating a good police blotter. Every word is just packed with meaning (and, frequently, a bit of dry humor).

Along those lines, sounds like there’s some equine unrest in Montana.

Here’s an unabridged excerpt from the Flathead County Sheriff’s Report, as reported in the Flathead Beacon (be sure to note, these all came in within an hour of each other!):

  • 4:25 p.m. A pony was lying prone in a field on Danielson Drive, arousing suspicions of animal cruelty. While the animal did have an injured leg, it had already been addressed by a veterinarian.
  • 4:37 p.m. A saddle was stolen on Trumble Creek Road.
  • 5:17 p.m. A small herd of horses was running down Highway 2. Authorities facilitated in an efficient round-up.

But some of the best reading is admittedly not horse related:

2:29 a.m. A father managed to corner his daughter’s boyfriend in her room. Evidently, the wily youth likes to sneak in late at night.

For more great reading, check out their full collection. These headlines are cracking me up:

  • Roaming Steed and a Volatile Grill
  • Peeping Tom and a Rotten Steak
  • Flaming P