Winter Horse Play

Does your horse enjoy romping in the snow? Our fans submitted photos of their horses making the most of the recent snowy weather.

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Equine Prepurchase Exams

Horses don’t pass or fail prepurchase exams. Instead, the exam is intended to give you a snapshot of the horse’s overall health and provide information so you can make a sound buying decision about whether the horse is suitable for your needs.

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Horses in Motion

To celebrate National Photo Month, we asked our fans to submit their photos of horses in motion during the last week of May. Here are a few of their action photos.

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Why Groom a Horse?

Basic Horse Grooming Guide

Horse grooming tools come in an assortment of styles and types, with each designed for specific tasks. Selecting the right tools for your grooming kit will depend on both your and your horse’s preferences.

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Leg and Hoof Protection

Are you confused about the difference between a splint and a sports medicine boot? No wonder! Horse leg and hoof protection come in a variety of types and styles. Learn what each kind does in this slideshow.

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grooming horse

Horse Basics: Halters

Halters are used for leading, tying, and handling horses when you’re not riding. Learn the basic options you have for outfitting your horse in a halter.

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Common Horse Coat Colors

Horses come in a variety of vivid coat colors, ranging from solid and static to multifaceted and ever-changing. These coat colors are controlled by complex genetics. Here, we showcase some common equine coat colors you might come across.

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