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feeding weanling horses; feeding weanlings

Feeding Weanling Horses: Tips to Remember

Weanlings should grow steadily and moderately as rapid weight gain could put them at risk for developmental orthopedic diseases. Three experts share their tips for achieving appropriate growth via nutrition.

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Research-Based Horse Feeding Considerations; tips for feeding horses; Old Horse eating hay in snow

5 Practical Research-Based Horse Feeding Considerations

It’s one of the most common questions an owner asks: What should I feed my horse? Equine nutritionists look both to research and their own experience to find an answer, but oftentimes the most appropriate one is, “Well, it depends.” Here are some points they might take into account.

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feeding healthy hard keepers

Feeding Healthy Hard Keepers

Does your otherwise healthy horse have trouble keeping pounds on? Here are five tips to consider when feeding the mature, healthy hard keeper.

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It’s All Connected: Bodywide Inflammation in Horses

Equine researchers have begun studying the concept of whole-body inflammation because of its links to a variety of health problems, including “leaky gut syndrome”; musculoskeletal injury risk; and equine metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, and laminitis.

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lactating mare, broodmare, mare and foal

5 Tips for Feeding Lactating Mares

Lactating mares’ nutritional requirements increase drastically in order to maintain weight while providing nursing foals with enough critical nutrients.

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Feeding PPID Horses

Feeding Horses With Endocrine Disorders

Learn more about nutrition’s role in the development and management of equine endocrine disorders and how you can reduce your horse’s risk of developing a secondary disease.

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caring for senior horses in cold weather; Immunosenescence: What Owners of Old Horses Need to Know

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