Give Away Your Manure or Compost

If you’re not saving your manure or compost for your own use, an effective disposal option is giving it away to places that can utilize it. Make your give-away system as effective as possible by:

Making your pile easy for others to access.

If your pile is in a location where people can simply drive up and take what they want, when they want it, you’ll get rid of a lot more stall waste than if you have to arrange a meeting time.

Making your stall waste attractive to gardeners.

Many gardeners prefer stall waste with very little bedding. Others prefer composted stall waste. Ask around and do a little informal research to see what gardeners in your area prefer. The more desirable your product is, the more likely it is people will come and get it.


Post a “free manure” sign where people can see it from the road and make it as obvious as possible where they need to go. Advertise by word of mouth: talk to all your non-horse neighbors and gardening friends who would love some free fertilizer. Put an announcement in local gardening newsletters, listservs and on websitesÑmost places like this will advertise free products at no charge. Don’t forget Craigslist or other similar Internet sites.

Taking it to the source.

If your manure is composted and you have the equipment to load and haul your compost, check with community gardens, local garden clubs, nurseries, landscapers, tree farms and topsoil businesses for takers. You may even be able to make some money selling your compost if you’re able to deliver it!