Herpesvirus Vaccination

Work with your veterinarian to determine the proper vaccination schedule for your horses. Sponsored by Pfizer Animal Health

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Neurologic Equine Herpesvirus-1

Equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1) causes many problems, including abortion, respiratory disease, neurologic disease, death in newborn foals, and a newly recognized syndrome described as peracute pulmonary

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Emergency Planning Workbook

Areas covered in the kit include pre-planning steps to take before a disaster strikes and what to do if one is predicted. With sections for

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Complete 2007 Convention Coverage

Our complete coverage of the 2007 American Association of Equine Practitioners convention includes the following articles, which can be downloaded separately: News and Awards (3 pages)

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Eye examination techniques, uveitis, and corneal ulcers were hot topics at the convention.

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Feeding practices to help horses with endocrine disorders (such as Cushing’s disease or metabolic syndrome), colic, carbohydrate-sensitive horses, and older horses.

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Surgery for spinal cord compression, cisplatin for skin cancers, fetlock joint fragment removal, fracture first aid, brain injury, and more topics fall under our medicine/surgery

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Infectious Disease

Strangles, Rhodococcus equi pneumonia, influenza, West Nile virus, and Lawsonia were discussed at the convention, along with vaccines and treatment for some diseases.

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Several presentations covered various aspects of arthritis, which has been called the most economically important disease of horses. Several topical, injectable, and oral treatments were

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Presentations, forums, and table topic discussions on foot lameness in horses, including therapeutic shoeing, managing laminitis, lameness diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, and stem cell therapy.

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Several presentations discussed diagnostic imaging for lameness and purchase exams, and airway examination was also covered.

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Where’s the Good Stuff?

A number of people have posted or e-mailed to ask where they can find 2008 Olympic equestrian souvenirs. Many of us here in Hong Kong

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Stormy Weather

It’s midday on August 21 here in Hong Kong, and we’re under what’s known as a “T1” warning — that’s T as in typhoon. A

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Latest on the Omegas (Fats)

Glance through nearly any newspaper or magazine, and you’re bound to see ads proclaiming the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids in the human diet.

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