Epilogue: The Next Adventure

It’s been four months since I signed off, and I’m not sure whether to characterize this stretch as "mundane" or "extraordinary." Jo’s Magic enjoys some

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Unqualified Success

Just under ten weeks ago, I was heartbroken and scared because I had a rejected newborn filly and didn’t really know what to do or

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The Cool Mom

Spring has arrived in the Bluegrass and the two foals have stopped tagging along quite so close to their dams. They now venture off impressive

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A Matter of Character

Jo is going to be a "people" horse. I really picked up that feeling for the first time tonight. She’s done well with being handled

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Moving Day

If you ever want to see horses in motion, just switch their fields around. It’s good for at least a half hour of excitement. The

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Second Month

Jo didn’t seem to notice that her supplemental feedings were becoming less frequent. In fact, the longer we waited between feedings, the less interested she

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Pellets, Schmellets

Jo is thriving. We suspect that Hermione is producing enough milk to keep the filly well fed, and that the formula we’re providing is just

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The Company We Keep

Hermione and Jo were upgraded from the small grass pen to a three-acre pasture when our new colt was born four days ago. The original

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Whither Blue?

I have greatly enjoyed the daily letters of support and encouragement from readers of the blog. Thank you all for following along on this little

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Pasture Birth

When I walked in the barn this morning, I was a little disappointed that another day had arrived without a new foal for our now-overdue broodmare,

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No Comparison

What a difference a couple of weeks can make. Or even days. Jo’s ribs have stopped showing. She’s not getting fat by any stretch of

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A Foal’s Life

Jo’s Magic is meeting all kinds of fellow "critters" on Chris and Tabitha’s farm. There is a big grey tomcat ("Fraidycat") who calls the barn

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